Benefits of Propolis

The Health Benefits of Propolis

Beekeepers of today, and civilizations throughout history, have been aware of the health benefits of propolis. benefits of propolis

Bees use this resin to seal and reinforce their hives from not only invasion but also infection. Throughout history this product from bees has been used to:

  • Fight Infection
  • Antioxidant
  • Healing
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief 

Fighting Infection

The extract has been well known throughout history as an anti-infection agent. It has properties that make it an effective antimicrobial and antibacterial substance.

The warriors of Greece and Rome often used it to protect wounds from infection and that has remained consistent through the wars of World War I and World War II up to today.

It is also an effective substance for treating serious cuts, a sore throat, and athlete’s foot.


The substance has powerful antioxidant properties that can be used as a great benefit for humans.  When taken as a supplement, it is effective at removing free radicals from the bloodstream.

The elimination of free radicals helps with blood flow and also decreases the damage caused by oxidization, and as a result of this, it also helps with anti-aging.


When applied to the skin, the resin extract has shown to be effective in treating ulcers, burns, and a number of other conditions that include sever cuts and other open wounds.

It helps in the healing process because some of the ingredients contained within the resin stimulates an increase in cellular metabolism and the production of collagen.

Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief

The anti-inflammatory benefits of propolis and the relief of pain that is provided by the extract is far reaching. Its anti-inflammatory effects help with joint pains and soreness that is caused by the production hormone-like substance that triggers inflammation.

The extract actively inhibits the production of this hormone-like substance and causes a decrease or elimination of inflammation and the soreness that often accompanies it.

Other more specific purposes for its pain relieving properties include the digestive cramps that are common with food poisoning and also for cancer treatment.

With food poisoning, its benefits are actually two-fold because the extract will actively destroy the microbes that caused the food poisoning and its effects, plus it will inhibit the production of chemicals that cause the pain.

For treating cancer, studies have shown that it may also have a two-prong approach to helping patients. Lab studies have shown that in labs the use of the extract decreased the size of tumors and also inhibited the production of new blood vessels to feed a tumor.

If the results are consistent in humans, it would mean that not only does the extract inhibit the pain and soreness, but it also blocks the communications of the tumor cells.

This in turn reduces the growth of the tumor and limits the supply of blood that sustains the tumorous growth.

Better Than Honey

Yes, bees are mostly known for their production of the sweet honey that people enjoy spreading on bread or making things taste more delicious.

However, the health benefits of propolis may propel it to the position of being better than honey in the ways that bees support humans.

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